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Stroll off the runway to walk the streets the real ladies walk.
Let the sidewalks and Tube station platforms be your runway!

To preserve Anthony’s machismo, let me preface this post by saying that, yes, I am recurring female contributor to his blog.  Now let’s begin:

The erratic weather conditions we’ve had this week (where it’s literally turned from crisp, sunny blue skies to torrential downpour within minutes, only to return to the sun again–refer to our previous post on London weather) have inspired me to write a bit on London fashion.  Now, I’m not going to get into what couture walked the runways during Fashion Week or what designers are hot or not.  Rather, I just want to give a little heads-up to those of you relocating to London that may be concerned that your existing wardrobe won’t hack it in chic London.  I have also had countless visitors this year send me panic-stricken emails asking, “What should I pack??!!” so the same rules can apply to your future guests (because, oh yes, they will come…be ready to be the Host With The Most).

With the limited storage space available in most flats (don’t expect to see any walk-in closets, girls…you’ll be lucky if a furnished apartment comes with a freestanding or built-in warddrobe, or has the room for that extra furniture to begin with!), you may not even be inclined to add anything more…and the good news is, you don’t necessarily have to in order keep up with the trends!

Guys, you’ll be fine.  Maybe just don’t wear your thick university sweatshirts, football jerseys (as in the Packers, not Chelsea), or gleaming white New Balance trainers…as hardcore as the locals are for soccer, rugby, and cricket, athletic apparel doesn’t have strong presence in mainstream everyday-wear like it does in the States.

Gals, you may need to invest in a few staple items if you don’t already have them:  black leggings, opaque tights, skinny jeans, high boots, ballerina flats, and scarves.  With these basics in hand, the mix-and-match possibilities with everything you already have are endless.  And while many complain that there isn’t a “real” summer here with the temps rarely rising into the 80s and some days still rather chilly and rainy, it doesn’t mean your frilly, light summer things don’t have a place here.  The key is LAYERING.  The other day, for instance, I saw a thin, yellow cotton sundress and flip-flops braced for the weather with black leggings and a leather bomber jacket.  Dainty dresses that would typically be worn bare-legged with sandals or open-toed heels may instead be paired with jeans or tights and clunky boots.  The point is, fashion is all over the place here…winter tweeds are still floating around out there along with the thinnest of cotton and silks, so you’ll never really have to pack away your fall/winter garb.  In addition to contrasting textures, there is also a big hodge-podge of color and pattern combinations.  Pretty much anything goes as long as you have some taste for flattering lines and accessorizing as well the confidence to pull it off.

If you do have the itch to shop, London Relocation Ltd. can ensure you live by all the great stores.  Have at it!

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