I figure since my recent posts have been focusing on a lot of the nasty nitty-gritty of relocating to London, it’s time for something FUN to look forward to once you’re here!

Ever since moving here from the US, the hubby and I have gotten much more interested in cars and auto racing.  The influences are obvious…you’ll notice (if not salivate) when you walk the streets and see all the ridiculously amazing and expensive cars parked everywhere—we’re talkin’ Ferrari, Aston Martin, Bentley, and so forth in addition to the Mercedes and BMWs that now seem so commonplace *yawn*.  How these autos are trusted to the streets, I have no idea, but they sure make for nice eye candy as you’re walking from Point A to Point B.  Combine this ever-present temptation with the highly popular BBC show Top Gear for a fair dose of adrenaline and British cheekiness (even if you’re not into cars, you will still love this show!) and the coveted Formula 1 racing not to be had on the American airwaves, and you’ll be hooked on life in the fast lane.

This makes it that much worse that you don’t even own a car.  So how to satiate that need for speed beyond the occasional Zipcar rental (which you’d want to drive conservatively to avoid insurance issues, naturally)?

Silverstone!  Britain’s leading, internationally renowned motorsport venue, Silverstone hosts a number of prestigious races, including the Formula 1 British Grand Prix.  Yet the track isn’t limited to the professionals—they offer a number of “driving experiences” including some of those perdy supercars we gawk at through West London shop windows.

So, once you have gotten your life back on track, get on the track and go play with some big boy’s toys!

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