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The London Eye was erected as a big Year 2000 gift to the city, granting residents and visitors alike a lofty, bird’s-eye panoramic vantage of its vast territory.  Now that you’re planning to relocate to the UK or perhaps have already moved here, 2010 is the time to descend and look the city in the eye within its street-level intricacy.  Even better, capture the sights to behold for a permanent memory of your time here–no need to feel too touristy toting that camera.  Come on, that’s right, out with it!  The structures we see in place here may have withstood the decades if not centuries, but Time, that fickle mistress, is fleeting for us, so we need to preserve our moments.

Whether you’re a professional or amateur photographer, Frui holds photography socials all over town throughout the year.  Meet fellow expats and locals for casual outings of picture-snapping and pint-sipping for only a tenner (10 GBP, to translate it for us Yankees).  This month’s photographic destination: Soho.  Tutors are on hand to offer pointers on your technique and composition if you genuinely seek to develop your craft, and it’s all conducted in an easy-going, non-intimidating atmosphere along the streets.  And better yet, there are PRIZES!  Woohoo!!  Check out this January 28th event at:  If you’re more serious about cultivating your photography education, also consider Frui’s photo courses, which always partake in scenic locales either right here in London or exotic destinations like Marrakech (be sure to book early, though, as these can rapidly fill!).  The next scheduled course is January 23rd at Hampton Court House.

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