Author: Colleen

Americans, you know what I’m talking about:  Black Friday, the dreaded yet most anticipated day after Thanksgiving when the stores do their most outrageous price-slashing, thereby drawing the sleep-deprived and–I’m convinced–mildly insane masses to line up at their doors at 3am in order to be the first to charge forth into the discount extravaganza.  They race, they pillage, they conquer at the cashier when they pick up that 40-inch flat screen television for less than 300 USD.  The kid is asking Santa for a Wii and the latest must-have videogame that you just know will be absent from the shelves within hours and you don’t want to get stuck trying to win an eBay auction at absurdly elevated asking prices?  Done, and done.

Shop on, Black Friday Shoppers, shop on.  (actually, you are all probably already home and napping amongst your shopping bags; in which case, sweet dreams.  No sticker-shock to alarm you when you awake.)

If you’re a die-hard about this post-Thanksgiving spree and moving to London, so sorry to tell you that you will enjoy no such exploits here.  They don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here, remember?  So how could they have post-Thanksgiving sales?

Ah, but never fear.  You can simply do what those Americans already living in London can do today:  Black Friday Online!  The deals are still within reach of your credit card when you click this link:  Sure, shipping might be a costly nuisance, but have you considered that you can actually live without the stuff for a period of time?  Truly, scientific research has proven the hypothesis that if you have thus far survived without the Snuggie prior to your point of purchase,  you will, in fact, be able to sustain life for a modest amount of time afterwards.  So, with this empirical research behind you, why not just have it delivered domestically to a family member or friend’s U.S. address and pick it up next time you’re home?  Even if it’s for Christmas gifts, if you return home for the holiday a few days in advance, you’ll still have time to wrap it all.  I’m just sayin’…

London Relocation Ltd. wishes you a, er, “happy” (???) Black Friday and supports your single-handed endeavours to resuscitate the U.S. economy!

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