Aw, cheers once again to the lovely folks at Lotus Events for sharing their London relocation interview with me on their blog in its third installment (I’m a wordy one :)): In this segment, I address topics like working with a relocation agent versus going about it alone, necessary documentation for renting, council tax, and relocating with a pet.  We are very happy to reciprocate and have this fine couple contribute guest posts to this blog as they research their own impending move here from Canada.  They have some brilliant tips to share, and in the meantime you can follow their ongoing progress at (they can also be found at Got Craft? and Granville Online, where they share clever-n-crafty ideas and updates on the DYI scene—VERY fun to check out!).

Speaking of DIY, I’ve been hankering for a do-it-yourself wardrobe after the recent London Fashion Weekend.  Sure, the sample sales they had at Somerset House for the occasion were reasonable, but only relatively speaking; I’ll need a new job to actually afford the labels that hung on those racks and slinked down those runways!  What I appreciated about the show, though, was its emphasis on everyone having the potential to be a fashionista without breaking the bank.  Fashion and hair stylists as well as makeup artists were on hand to give beauty tips, and the catwalk show itself displayed intermittent short films on the season’s upcoming trends, which can be pieced together from any source, really.

London is truly a fashion capital in the ranks of Paris and Milan.  And, as I recall mentioning last year, is in particular one of those cities where you can play up the mix-and-match concept to hold your own affordably, which has certainly helped me make the most of my existing wardrobe (well, what percent of it I allowed myself to bring over versus give away or store—if anything, it makes for a great excuse to go shopping!).  I also find high street shops like Zara or H&M to be ideal for picking up inexpensive staples that will keep you on trend with either the timeless basics you’ll hold onto or seasonal fads that you won’t have to feel too guilty discarding when they go out of style.  Off the high street, check out the reasonably priced boutiques in Notting Hill on London’s West side or the quirky vintage shops on its East.  And as an online shopping option, check out!  Not only does ASOS sponsor America’s and Britain’s Next Top Model series in the UK, they offer top brands at as bottom prices as you can find (their ad campaign alone cracks me up…meeOW.)

And speaking of Britain’s Next Top Model…Britain’s Next Top Model Live is coming up on 22-24 October!  If you’re in town, a ticket to this event is your gateway to even more fabulous runway shows (featuring BNTM contestants themselves) as well as fashion and beauty workshops and more…SHOPPING!  I see that you can even practice your own catwalk strut, so strap on those 4-inch heels, ladies, and see if you can run in them like Carrie Bradshaw does on the streets of NYC :).

Oh, and the #1 accessory for the fall, apparently?  Wait for it, ladies…RED LIPSTICK.  Got that?  Then pucker up!

London Relocation wishes you a fun and fabulous rest of your day, bidding adieu with a red-lipsticked *mwah* and *mwah* to each cheek in true European fashion.

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