Once one has established the amount of money they have available to purchase a home the work of touring London neighborhoods and finding available properties begins. Learning about neighborhoods and establishing which areas one would like to live is based entirely on the needs of the family. Transportation will probably be an important factor in choosing a property as well as schools, parks and other amenities.

Those moving to London and purchasing a home will have to pay council tax on their home after they have bought it and the amount of property tax can differ tremendously from area to area, so it would be wise to check on the amount of tax due on a property before making a purchase.

Buyers can purchase property through an estate agent who will also explain neighborhoods or directly from the seller.  In both cases the final agreement will be drawn up by a lawyer that specializes in real estate and conveyancing. A conveyancing attorney will handle the transfer of funds from the mortgage lender as well as paying all of the stamp duties and taxes that are owed. They make the buying of property much easier and the purchaser’s attorneys will communicate directly with the seller’s attorneys so that everything is handled smoothly and efficiently.

Buying property is a major investment, but for those who will be living in London for a number of years, or are looking for an investment opportunity, buying a property may make the most sense. It will be a home that will appreciate and when returning to one’s country of origin a great rental property will remain that will hopefully provide an extra income.

With so many neighborhoods to choose from when purchasing a home after moving relocation experts highly recommend utilizing the services of an estate agent who can help not only navigate the city but also with the financial and legal procedures.  While real estate laws are similar to those in the US they are not identical and assuming all is well is a recipe for disaster.  Before deciding on picturesque neighborhoods one wanting to buy a home should get all their legal and financial ducks in a row.



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