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Author: Colleen

In keeping with my previous post, I’m going to continue running with our little food theme in cracking the code of the British-English language.  Today’s lesson, boys and girls, is pub food, the names of which never cease to make me giggle:

bangers & mash = sausages & mashed potatoes

bubble & squeak = fried vegetables (often potato, cabbage, carrots, and peas) leftover from a previous night’s roast.

mushy peas = mashed peas

chips = fries

crisps = potato chips

pork scratchings = pork rinds

bacon = ham prepared similarly to Canadian bacon (versus the American crispy variety)

bap = hamburger bun

mince = ground beef

pie = in an English menu, this will be like a pot pie stuffed with savoury fillings of meat and veg.

prawn = shrimp (though not necessarily a pub standard, I feel compelled to throw that in)

So be sure to take a break from unpacking inside that lovely flat London Relocation Ltd. will find for you and hit the public house!

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