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Author: Colleen

Fancy tucking into a sticky toffee pudding?  Not sure what a sticky toffee pudding is, or what “tucking” is for that matter?  Since I’ve been so food-focused, here’s a general phrase referring to the consumption of it:

tuck in = dig in, eat up, chow down, etc.

I’m preparing to move on to other areas of British terminology, but feel I would be remiss to do so without paying fair homage to our sweet tooths.  Hence, today’s glossary is all about dessert:

custard = pudding

pudding = bready, spongy, sometimes cake-like desserts (sticky toffee and Spotted Dick are two varieties I highly recommend!).  Often on restaurant menus, the word “pudding” is used to denote “dessert” in general.

treacle = molasses

biscuit = cookie

digestive = semi-sweet biscuit with a dense, graham-cracker-ish quality, nice with tea or as an after-dinner stomach-settler (I’m addicted to Marks & Spencer’s dark chocolate digestives)

sweets = candy

candy floss = cotton candy

I’d better stop here before this post rots my teeth out (thank goodness for the advances in British dentistry!).  We at London Relocation Ltd. think we’re pretty sweet too, so give us a call and book your appointment with us!

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