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Author: Colleen

I left off on my informal little British-to-American English glossary with a sub-series of posts devoted to food.  As you store your purchased goods in your kitchen cupboard (versus cabinet), it is time to likewise bring the terminology into your home.  (Some of these terms might just emerge conversationally rather than being absolute substitutions.  Nonetheless, it helps to be familiar with the synonyms so you can understand other people who may use them)

reception area / sitting room / drawing room = living room

toilet / loo / water closet (WC) = bathroom / restroom

tap = faucet

hand basin = sink

washing up liquid = dishwashing liquid

rubbish = garbage / trash

bin = garbage/trash can

wheely bin = trash can on wheels (kept curbside at the end of the driveway)

cooker = stove

telly = TV

wardrobe = closet / armoire

garden = yard

You’ll surely hear some of these terms as London Relocaton Ltd. guides you through your eligible properties (you know, during that fabulous viewing day you’ll be scheduling with us!), so now you’ll be in the household know.

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