If you are relocating from China to move into London flats, it is understandable that you want to meet new people. Generally, it is easier to meet people who have come from the same country as you, because this can help you to settle in quicker. If you are hoping to plan some social events before you move into London flats, think about using the Internet, socializing in bars and restaurants and participating in language learning lessons.

Use Forums

The Internet is a good place to use forums when you move into London flats. Forums enable people from all parts of the city to not only get advice and tips of the best places to go when traveling to London, but it also helps to establish long-lasting friendships. You can research online for forums that are specifically catered to Chinese people. An example of one of these can be found at www.chinese-forums.com. By regularly participating in these forums, people will get to know you and you could even meet people before you travel to the United Kingdom. This will release the pressure of meeting people, because you can make friends in advance. Be sure to organize a public meet-up when moving to London flats though, because it is unsafe to meet someone for the first time in a private place.

Conversation Exchange

Language classes and lessons are a great way to not only learn the language when movinghere, but to also meet other Chinese people. It can be troublesome learning the ins and outs of a new language but when someone is alongside you in the same position, things become easier. One type of language class is the Conversation Exchange. You can learn about this by visiting www.conversationexchange.com. Organize classes and learn when they are taking place by looking at the official website. During the Conversation Exchange, you can brush up on your English skills by speaking the language in a conversation with other people who are learning it before moving into your new flat.

Restaurants & Bars

Finally, and probably the most obvious way to meet like-minded people when moving into London flats will be by visiting restaurants and bars. Most bars will be open to people who wish to socialize. Alternatively, organize an evening out to the cinema or a theatre with a new friend you meet at Conversation Exchange or through a forum. If you attend a Chinese bar or restaurant such as Mr. Wing, you can expect to meet more people in this way when transferring to London flats.

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By London Relocation | 14 Aug 2020 | ABOUT THE RELOCATION PROCESS