One of the first things to discover after moving from the states is what are the best restaurants to visit while living in London. With so many cultures represented in one of the world’s largest cities there are many choices and neighborhoods to visit when making dining selections.  Below are a list of a few of the top restaurants ranging in price and menu.  While here American expats should make every effort to become a foodie and try it all.


Located in Soho Sputino is described by locals as an Italian Brooklyn-style diner.  To American’s, though, it would not be described this way.  While Sputinos may have the look of a local diner the menu boasts of British influenced Italian fare.  The prices are also not reminiscent of the local neighborhood diner as dinner for two with wine (in a diner?) will cost a couple around $100.  The reviews though are outstanding so visiting this charming restaurant is probably worth the trip.


Plain and simple MEATliquor is a burger joint.  They try too hard to be the classic burger place yet the lines show evidence that they are doing something right.  Located in Paddington the lines are always long and the Tweets suggest the place is a goldmine.  Americans rarely get a chance to be self-righteous, making a trip to MEATliquor well worth it.  Go and turn your American nose up when presented with London’s best burger whether it is as good as they say or not. Bring British friends and subject them to stories of ‘real burgers’ from back home.


Rogonic is defined as a ‘pop up restaurant’ with the intent of only being in business for two years.  This fine dining experienced is themed around local organic food of which its enthusiastic staff is ready to discuss at great length.  Lunches at Roganic are designed for busy professionals in mind but the dinners can be as drawn out as ten or twelve courses.  Customers are encouraged to discuss all aspects of their meals and the food is meant to shock, stun and engage. While enjoying time in London, American expats should experience not only classic dining venues but also step off the beaten path and go where the locals go.  No matter where in the States one may be from visiting an ‘American restaurant’ is always a fun idea.  Eating at restaurants with locally inspired menus will also help one get a real feel for British food.  These are only three selections from over a thousand in the Greater London area.  While here Americans should be adventurous and try as many restaurants as possible.

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