Learning about your city and how to get around will be a big part of the preparation for your relocation to London. While you will probably have London relocation agents to help you with the big details like finding a home and opening a bank account, it may be the smaller details that will affect how you fit in after moving to London.

One of the biggest cultural differences that you may find as an American moving to London is the attitude towards food. Not cuisine and restaurants by any means; you’ll find that London has some of the world’s top eateries, hotels and restaurants. One way to get to grips with the culture of a new place is to delve into the local delicacies and the way that people eat at home.

For a start, many traditional dishes have rather odd sounding names, and they may not give you any indication as to the ingredients contained within.

Pudding Pointers

Not all puddings in England are sweet. Yorkshire pudding is a sort of dumpling, bread that is served with roasted meat as a savory dish. Black Pudding is also a savory pudding usually had with eggs and bacon and if you’re in any way inclined towards vegetarianism then don’t ever order black pudding. It looks like a sausage, but it does not contain any meat: It is fried blood.

Bread and Butter Pudding is a great dessert to end of a meal. It is made of leftover bread (which is a polite word for stale bread) mixed dried fruit and egg custard. Baked in the oven and served piping hot, this pudding is a firm favorite of English children. Bread Pudding also uses leftover bread and dried fruit but is made into a cake for tea time. Bubble and Squeak is made of… leftover vegetables that you may happen to have in your fridge. All fried-up and tasting a little like a hash brown mix.

It does seem like a lot of leftovers and many foreigners balk a little at using what is essentially ‘old’ food to create new dishes. Perhaps it is a remnant of wartime austerity or just a quirk of the British. After your relocation to London you’ll find that the best way to experience the soul of a nation is to sample their home cooking.

You’ll never throw anything away again!

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