Moving to London means needing to get in on the know of where the good food’s at for stocking up your apartment. Belinda and I both have previously written about grocery stores, but when you’re living here day to day and get acquainted enough with the city to become even more discerning in your products, consider taking it to a different level:


As someone originally from Chicago, “farmers’ market” has taken on all new meaning (California expats moving here might reasonably beg to differ :)). The mild weather here is conducive to holding these markets in abundance and frequency, so it can become a regular habit for you rather than the occasional treat (actually, either way, I think you’ll still find it a treat). I have some friends who are very into healthy and organic cooking who will only go to the farmer’s markets for their food. Even if you just happen to be strolling by, they can offer amazing and fresh food for you to eat for lunch on site, and the bustling atmosphere always makes for lively and delectable eye candy. To find out locations, hours, and what’s in season, I recommend the Farmers’ Markets website at: In the meantime, below is an at-a-glance list of neighborhoods hosting the markets and their respective days of the week (consult the website for specific times): Bermondsey – Saturdays Blackheath – Sundays Brixton – Sundays Broadgate – 2nd & 4th Thursdays Ealing – Saturdays Islington – Sundays London Fields – Sundays (from 16 May)

Marylebone – Sundays Notting Hill – Saturdays Parliament Hill – Saturdays Pimlico Road – Saturdays Queen Mary – Thursdays Queens Park – Sundays South Kensington – Saturdays St. John’s Wood – Saturdays (from 14 May) Swiss Cottage – Wednesdays Twickenham – Saturdays Walthamstow – Sundays Wimbledon – Saturdays Start licking your lips now. England is a highly agricultural country, and you’ll surely reap the benefits of that when you’ve relocated to London and can enjoy its bounty of fresh produce and meats. That apartment you’re renting will feel awfully empty at the start, so get some proper, quality food in its belly straight away. 🙂

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