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Author: Colleen

It’s true!  It’s true!!  Chipotle is coming here! For Americans and those of you already here, prepare to tuck into a taste of the familiar…oooohhh siiiiii…

Click here to read Food Business Review’s article confirming this blessed event:

We’re slated for April 2010, which gives us just enough time to shed our Christmas weight-gain so we can justify those mammoth-sized burritos.  This is so glorious, when good Mexican food—or, at least, the American take on Mexican food—can be difficult enough to find in the UK (see our previous blog posts Quest For a Decent Taco:  Parts Uno and Dos.  A worthy substitute, if not contender, however, has been Chilango, although there are only a couple locations in existence in this area right now on Fleet Street in the City and Upper Street in Angel, Islington.  It is because of Chilango’s scarcity and the huge demand for a Chipotle-type burrito that lines literally form outside of Chilango’s door, and you’re better off ordering in advance.

Perhaps London Relocation Ltd. will be able to find you a property within good commuting distance of this Mexican fast-food oasis.  At any rate, we wish you sweet dreams as visions of refried beans and tortillas dance in your head 🙂

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