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Author: Colleen
This afternoon, I’d just like to give a little shout-out to Mota’s Bakery, located at 8 Ferdinand St. in Primrose Hill, London.  Mota’s specialty is organic deli foods such as sandwiches, salads, and cakes, and they have hot meal offerings as well for takeaway or delivery.  I have a particularly soft spot for this place thanks to Jeremy, our Sandwich Man who delivers unto us a basket full of sandwich varieties every day, right here in our office.  Jeremy is an absolute pleasure–he always remembers to bring my favorites, and his baguette sandwiches are only £2.50, about half the price I’d been paying in the neighbourhood at the posh delis on Westbourne Grove and off Portobello Road.  My usuals are ham and emmental, cheddar and tomato, and the much-coveted brie and green grapes (all of which are offered on white or brown bread); yeah, I go pretty simple, but there are amazing spicy chicken sandwiches to be had that my colleagues have enjoyed.  I’m realizing I could go on to elaborate and embellish to my heart’s content, but I think the simplicity in Mota’s organics foods and its service ought to speak for itself.

From us here at London Relocation Ltd., tuck in!

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