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Author: Anthony


Easy to eat healthy food in London…yeah right!!!  This is why they call this place the Heathrow injection…
When coming to a new country, especially one that drinks and eats so much crap, it’s important to stick to your diet from your homeland.

Sadly, I think the Americans and Canadians eat healthier food, the Europeans are for sure.

It’s sad but true, I go up and down in weight as everyone does (a normal fluctuation is fine)… Until I went up 20 pounds…!!!!! That’s right!!!! 20 pounds, a stone and then some. (A stone is = to around 14pounds)

So after going home and having tomatos thrown at me… I immediately went back to my old diet…
I cut out the meat and the fried stuff…stopped drinking beer at the pub. Then, started running again and so on…

I found an excellent place to help me eat right…It’s called Fresco’s… Yum! Yum!

More importantly, very healthy, the juice, the food, is all raw foods; everything is made fresh in front of you… Vegetables galore, fruit fantastic… and very lean meats… try the number 12 Veggie smoothy… It’s my favourite.

Speak soon!

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