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Author: Colleen

When you’ve had your fill of mushy peas or bubble and squeak at the pubs, take a stroll or catch the Tube to Edgware Road for a taste of the exotic.  Dozens of restaurants line either side of this mecca of authentic, affordable ethnic food–far more reasonable than the trendy wannabes to be found in more gentrified neighborhoods.  On and near the street are Lebanese, Turkish, Iranian, Pakistani, and assorted other types of cuisine, and you never know when a belly dancer may come with your meal.  Once your own belly is filled, if the sky is clear and air is calm, you can continue fueling your inner peace with an apple-flavoured shisha (hookah) as you people-watch from the sidewalk.

When you’ve relocated to London, it’s time to veer off the well-worn, touristed path and eat like a local.

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