That’s right folks! Whole Foods Kensington is here. What a fantastic store, I must say. Americans relocating to here from the States will love this place. It has 4 floors!!!! Unbelievable! You heard it correctly, 4 floors…

The top floor is a cafeteria so to speak… But I don’t want to use the word cafeteria as it seems so unjust.

The atmosphere is blossoming with happy people and the sound of milk steaming for lattes. People do react to quality and they react well. Is service coming to London? Is it finally here? I think and hope it’s on its way, because this Giant will be a great example of how it’s done… The test is, if you can close one eye in Whole Foods and count how many employees you can see… As long as it’s over 3, they are certainly doing their good job.

So by all means go and grab a latte and a California roll or some soup…whatever you get you’ll receive it fast and fresh… We tip our hat to such an amazing display of elegance.

Speak tomorrow.

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