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Ann writes:

“A place I discovered on my last trip was Little Venice in St. John’s Wood.  Probably not so “hidden” to the average person, but a nice spot nonetheless. It’s a nice walk from the Edgware Road tube stop, and you’ll find a lovely little pub there that’s worth stopping at for a leisurely pint in the sun (if you can find a free table outside!), Warwick Castle.

Another nod goes to the Mayflower Pub on the south bank of the Thames, east of Tower Bridge.  It can be a bit tricky to find (we actually stumped a black cab driver trying to get us there, which is nearly impossible to do!), but there are a lot of little interesting nooks and crannies in the vicinity, so it makes for a nice afternoon outing.  It has the distinction of being one of the places the Mayflower stopped at along its journey out of England.  The pub itself is a typical quaint, dark olde-tyme kind of place, but if the weather is hospitable there’s a seating area outside right on the river, with great views of the city.  We found it on a whim years ago and make it a point to stop back whenever we visit.”

What hidden treasures will YOU discover in your new neighborhood once London Relocation Ltd. places you there?

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