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People of an Indian background who are looking to buy London flats, or those people who enjoy Indian foods would fare well to learn about some of the best Indian restaurants in London. The city is known for its string of delicious sit-in and takeaway restaurants, ranging from Chinese to Great British cuisine. No matter what food you enjoy, you will undoubtedly find a place in the city that can provide it for you. However if you are hoping to indulge in an Indian feast when buying London flats, you should consider the following three restaurants out of the hundreds that line the streets.

Chutney Raj

Based on Gray’s Inn Road, Chutney Raj is a popular spot for people who live nearby.  Chutney Raj is both a takeaway and restaurant, so if one night you do not feel like dining, you can take your food away and enjoy it in the comfort of your home. Takeaways can be ordered online or tables can be booked in this way also. Open Monday-Sunday, Chutney Raj offers guests a wide range of Indian delicacies. Some dishes on their menu include dall soup, Tandoori king prawns and sag paneer. Consider booking a table in advance rather than just turning up when you buy London flats, because Chutney Raj is a favored local Indian restaurant.

Tandoori Nights

Tandoor Nights can be visited via tube when you live here and it is based on Great Queen Street. You can also find this restaurant in other parts of the city, due to it being a very successful chain. Comedians perform at this restaurant on occasions, providing guests with the chance to enjoy their delicious food with some comedy acts to watch. Various cocktails can be tasted here, which are perfect for washing down the mounds of food you will taste. Some popular dishes are onion bhajee’s, chicken or lamb tikka, sheek kebab, prawn puri and spicy salmon steak. Book a party here too or organize a reservation through their website.

Moti Mahal

Covent Garden is the home of Moti Mahal and if you buy a flat near this area, you must visit this restaurant. The modern, clean interior makes for a wonderful dining experience. Moti Mahal caters to parties and special events too, so look online if you want to book a large reservation. When you visit, consider trying the bhalla papadi chat, which is a favorite. Moti Mahal also won an award for ‘Restaurant Of The Year’ in 2010, making it ideal to visit when living in London flats.


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