Any Londoner about Fish ‘n Chips and you might get a slightly puzzled look, but this really is one of the great British traditions, and while many people living in London consider it a bit of a cheap alternative, it is well worth seeking out a great ‘chippy’ as they are known. Besides, until you have been here for a while you can still pass it off as a great tourist attraction. Do not let yourself become a jaded city dweller too fast or you will miss out on some of the nicest food you have ever tasted. British food, no doubt because of the weather, is like comfort food, it fills you up and keeps you warm on a winters day and you’ll get to experience the great home style cooking at some of the best eateries in town.

Fish and Chips – The Rock and Sole Plaice.

You won’t find a more traditional dish in Britain than fish and chips. The Rock and Sole Plaice is the oldest ‘chippy’ in London and enjoys a great tradition of serving delicious fish and chips wrapped in the traditional news paper. This popular restaurant is a great place to enjoy a summer evening under the trees that are strung with lights. The Rock and Sole Plaice offers this traditional food in modern surroundings. London locals love it and you’ll always find a queue of people waiting for their takeaway fish and chips. There is a large selection of beers and wines to help your meal go down, but don’t expect vintage wines or anything too expensive. This chippy is close to the theatres of the West End and the décor includes theatre posters from decades of shows that have been performed at some of the theatres in the area. Your basic meal will set you back about £12.

Fish and Chips – The Golden Hinde.

A fish and chip restaurant that is named after the famous warship that Sir Francis Drake used to circumnavigate the world in 1577. A fish and chip shop with a huge taste of history. The small restaurant serves good quality fish and chips at affordable prices. Not as busy as The Rock and Sole Plaice, this is truly a bargain eatery. No frills and fancy touches, but then you are not paying through the nose either. Great value, loads of fun. Perfect for a quick bite before a night out on the town. Many people can be seen grabbing a quick take away on the way home from work, although most don’t care to admit that they enjoy having a traditional meal of fish and chips.

When ordering fish and chips, you should ask for an order of mushy peas, which go down a treat with the vinegary taste of the chips and the flavor of the fish. Go on…be adventurous and try it. Now that you are living in London, you have to try out everything so you might as well start with fish, chips and mushy peas, before moving on to ‘spotted dick’. (Yes, that is actually the name of a dish!)

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