You’re happily settled and living in London, and you’ve managed to save yourself quite a bit of time by having your groceries delivered, paying your bills online and doing the crossword on your commute. There are other tips and tricks to saving time while you’re living here, so that you’re free to get out of your new rental and explore the city.

Saving Time & Money

  • TV Time: If you’re an American moving to London then you’ll probably be a little shocked at the small number of channels when compared with television in the states! If you want to save time you can record your favorite shows without having to sit through an entire show. Sky Plus is a new addition to the Sky television network and you can choose your favorite shows and record them all ready for a Saturday afternoon of dedicated television viewing.
  • Eat Out or Take Away: Keep your local restaurants on speed dial! You can order online or by phone if you fancy a take out for an evening. If you do feel like going out and painting the town red though, you must always book in advance. Most London restaurants are full each night and you can wait for ages to get a table or a seat at the bar if you have not made a reservation. If you’re treating out of town guests to a celeb chef restaurant then you should book months in advance to ensure that you get a table. The turnaround time for a reservation is about two months!

Living here will give you the opportunity to get out and explore the city. Start with your local neighborhood and then venture further afield as you get acquainted with your surroundings and your new life. The joy of living in London is the absolutely wide variety of choice that is on offer. You’ll never get tired of this fascinating, sometime frustrating, and overwhelmingly beautiful city.


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