Now that you are living in London you’re living in a city that is home to some of the world’s top hotels. By this time you’ll already be settled into your new London apartment, but the concept of dining out at a hotel is still one that is treasured in London and indeed across Europe. Many of the celeb chefs have establishments at the prestigious hotels in London and the dining experience is not for hotel guests alone. Even if you’re not looking for a ‘blow-the-budget’ kind of meal, you can find smaller hotels with interesting and quirky dining experiences.

Dining out while you are living in London is a total immersion experience. It is as much about the ambience and the décor as the food, and while the British can be harsh critics, they do love to try new restaurants and find the latest trendy spots. There are some traditional restaurants that are part of the history of London and are still considered a treat of no small proportions.

Putting On The Ritz

Dining at the Ritz Hotel in Mayfair is still considered one of the most elegant and sumptuous venues for fine dining and silver service. The Ritz Restaurant is open all day and offers fine dining and a live band on Friday and Saturday nights. The dress code is formal in keeping with the dress code of the hotel, and gentlemen, which are what you are considered if you are dining at The Ritz, m’dear, will have to wear a jacket and tie. Jeans and trainers are not acceptable attire, even for luncheon.

The Palm Court offers spectacular high teas in the afternoon and this is truly one of the most iconic experiences that you can treat your visitors to when you are living in London. Afternoon tea is so popular at The Ritz; you may have to book up to three months in advance. The price tag is not for the faint hearted. You can expect to pay upwards of £40 per person to enjoy your cucumber sandwiches and tea pastries.

Living here is all about enjoying and immersing yourself into the traditions of this fabulous city. Fine dining is a tradition and a lifestyle to locals, and now that you are one of the, you might as well glam up and get out!

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