Should you want to find a flat in London with the hope of meeting someone in the process, you should start learning about the top gay and lesbian bars in the city. While London has plenty to offer straight people in terms of cocktail bars, restaurants and theatre events, it can be difficult to find somewhere for gay and lesbians to converse. The truth is that London caters spectacularly well to this group of people and after you find a flat, it will be worthwhile visiting one of the following three areas, so that friendships can be made and possibly, a relationship.


The first stop you should make when you find a flat is the Village. Village opened in 1991 and since this time, gay and lesbian people have flooded through the doors. This area offers both a friendly atmosphere and the chance to communicate with like-minded individuals. Based in Soho, Village enables guests to dance, flirt, drink and even have a bite to eat over three separate floors. You can often find events being held here including karaoke, but generally, a DJ plays on most nights. This prominent club for the gay scene is open on weekends and every single day throughout the week! You can even organize a party booking when you find a flat in London too, so that you can celebrate your birthday in style.

G-A-Y Bar

Situated on Old Compton Street in Soho, G-A-Y Bar is ideal for people who find a flat in London with the hope to socialize straight away. The atmosphere is electric here and G-A-Y Bar is stretched out over three floors. Much fun is to be had here especially if you enjoy events such as foam parties and Easter egg hunts. Drink offers are always available and after 11pm drinks are just £1.70. This includes drinks such as Carlsberg, vodka, whisky, gin, Malibu and San Miquel. If you really enjoy flirting here, participate in on-screen texting when you find a flat.

Candy Bar

If you find a flat in the Soho area, then you really need to take a trip to Candy Bar. Candy Bar is primarily for lesbians who are hoping to make new friends or start relationships. Dating back to the year 1996, this bar has been popular ever since. You can enjoy many cheap drinks here and dance the night away to some chart-toppers. You can find many events take place here too including many DJ appearances when you find a flat.

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