When you move into apartments for rent in London, there will come a time when a birthday event arises. Whether this is for your birthday, a family member’s birthday or for a friend’s birthday, the event will have to be memorable. This is possible when you live in London city because this destination caters well to large groups. If a birthday is fast approaching, then consider one of the following three restaurants that cater for birthday parties.


Comida is near most apartments for rent or if you live further away, you can hop onto the tube to travel here. Situated on South Molton Street in Mayfair, Comida encourages guests to book large groups and birthday gatherings here. The theme of this restaurant is Brazilian and the assortment of food dishes will tantalize your taste buds. The average price for a meal here and drinks is normally ranging from £25-£35. With a sophisticated and modern interior, the atmosphere is ideal for older groups of people. Crisp manioc chips and international salads are just some examples of the Brazilian foods you can try when booking a birthday party here after moving into apartments for rent in London.

Rainforest Café

Should you be organizing a birthday party for young children and families after getting an apartment, then take a trip to the Rainforest Café. The Rainforest Café is closest to the Piccadilly Circus station. You can book your evening here or arrange to visit on one of the event days, where a jungle spread decorates the interior. This really gives your children the rainforest feel and the food is just as fantastic as the interior design. Some dishes for adults and children are forest bread bites, Caesar salad, leaping lizard mezze, lava nachos and the rainforest classic steak burger. After a fun-filled evening out after moving, you should visit the shop so that the children can indulge in souvenirs ranging from life-size snakes to stuffed lions.


Nozomi is a favorite thanks to the upscale environment. Business associates, large adult gatherings and older birthday party groups will visit Nozomi. The exterior of this restaurant is just as breathtaking as the interior, with a cream and black color theme. A cocktail bar can be found here and a fantastic menu including dishes like sushi, steamed edamame and wagyu beef tataki. Book before you visit here when living in apartments for rent in London.

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