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Author: Colleen

It is sheerly coincidence that I go from writing about Heaven and Hell in my last blog post to now move onto angels.  What I speak of is Angel (singular), rather, as in the Angel Islington neighbourhood north of the City.  My friends and I partook in a crawl of sorts last weekend along Upper Street just outside the Angel tube station, my first time ever hanging out in this area.  While this main strip does encompass many of the chain restaurants to be found on any neighbourhood’s high street, there was nonetheless an endless supply of venues with more unique character that bridge the gap between super-casual pub and super-swank club.  Sometimes you do just want that in-between.  Our favourites along this strip include Pitcher and Piano, Keston Lodge, Lucky Voice (sheerly for my amusement over mistaking the door to a private karaoke room for the one to the loo and thus accidentally walking in on a pack of women belting out “All the Single Ladies” with frightening zeal), and the Grand Union.  When you relocate to London, don’t take as long as I did to finally visit this area (if you aren’t lucky enough to live there already)–London Relocation Ltd. will get you situated into your new home fast enough to leave plenty of time to explore this cornucopia of pleasure.

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