While many people begin sweating at the mere idea of flat hunting they often neglect to plan for what happens after finding London flats.  In reality searching flats and selecting the best one for one’s needs is the easy part of international relocation.  The real fun begins after the lease is signed.  There are many things that must be done before moving in as well as during one’s time living in the apartment.

  • Get a mobile number from the landlord – This is crucial if one hopes to get service quickly.  Landlords have no qualms being pushy with their tenants and tenants should have the same attitude when it comes to expectations.
  • Meet the neighbors – If at all possible one should introduce themselves to every neighbor in the complex or at least those neighbors with whom a wall is shared.  Not only will introductions help build a rapport in case a dispute arises it should also provide critical information about the building, landlord, other tenants and neighborhood.
  • Go over the lease with a fine-tooth comb – Especially when moving to a new country those renting apartments should go over every line of a lease with the landlord present to explain and clarify.  Because of the differences in real estate laws between countries it’s advised that Americans use a London relocation service to protect against fraud and bad leases.
  • Keep records of everything – This should go without saying but it will be said anyway.  A paper record of everything related to the new flat should be saved during one’s stay in London. This includes contracts, bills, receipts and correspondences. Hopefully one will never have to use their meticulously kept records but should the worse happen it’s best to be prepared.
  • Be a model tenant – It can be difficult dealing with a new culture on top of a new job and being an ocean away from friends and family but that does not excuse bad behavior.  The best advice for having a stress-free time while living in London flats is to be the best tenant possible. To do this make sure rent payments are in on time, report maintenance issues immediately, do not harass neighbors or the landlord and keep the apartment clean and tidy.

While it may be easy to become overwhelmed at the prospect of having to choose a place to live from all the available neighborhoods the real chores begin after the lease is signed.  What happens after finding London flats depends completely on individuals and the decision they make, good or bad.


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