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When moving finding options in flats is often one of the most difficult tasks to tackle.  It would seem in such a large city finding flats would be easy but most Americans find the apartment search to be stressful and non-productive.  Rather than waste time combing through newspapers and online classified ads try one of these alternatives to traditional flats.

Serviced Apartments

For those Americans moving to London for less than a year a serviced apartment may be the perfect fit.  It has all the amenities of a fully functional apartment plus the luxuries of a hotel like maid service, laundry services, concierge services and even room service.  Unlike traditional hotels, however, serviced apartments have the needs in mind of a traveler staying for an extended length of time.


If you are moving on a tight budget and do not have any prospects on flats staying at a youth hostel is an economic choice.  Most hostels offer long term accommodations of up to several months.  Youth hostels are a great way for young professionals to meet other expats and get to know this city.  The rates are extremely low compared to hotels yet include the same basics like a bed, storage, bathing facilities and light kitchen facilities.

Holiday Flat Rentals

Many flats are available as holiday rentals for as short as one week up to a month or more.  The price for these flats are a bit more than finding your own flat to rent but include all utilities and taxes.  Holiday flats are a good choice when searching for short term accommodations.  They are especially good if you are moving with a family as they range in size from tiny to three or more bedrooms.

Searching for flats when moving can be very difficult and if you are on a budget or traveling with your family the decision of where to live is made that much harder.  Instead of trying to find a flat immediately upon arrival consider alternative choices that will serve as a temporary patch until a more permanent housing solution can be found.

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