Canonbury Apartment Overview:

Canonbury Apartment

This Canonbury apartment is going to be in high demand being that it is a modern warehouse conversion.  The apartment building is right on Henshall Street, in Canonbury Heights East.  The wall of windows is the first item you see when you enter this Canonbury apartment.  These colorful windows have a shaded tinting on the bottom two panels to allow the light in while you maintain your privacy.  The wall of windows goes right up to the second-floor bedroom loft where you also have the same smart and bright window theme.Canonbury Apartment

Inside the Canonbury Apartment

You enter into the reception area which has plenty of room for a formal dining area next to the kitchen.  But throughout the apartment, there are decorative pipes that run along the walls.  The silver pipes flow in a linear fashion and looks like part of the décor and charm of this loft warehouse Canonbury apartment.

The reception area is long open floor plan and will allow for oversized furniture without a problem.  Your choices of décor are many when you consider you have the front wall with exposed red brick.  The floors are a finished hardwood both upstairs and down, almost too good for a Canonbury rentals option.

Canonbury Apartment

The kitchen is along the back edge corner just to the left of the door when you enter the Canonbury apartment.  It’s stainless hood fan, matches the full-size oven and a gas stove which any cook will appreciate.  The stainless steel sink is atop two cabinets, as well as two cabinets, one on each side of the stove.  Above the backsplash are a set of double cabinets with see thru glass, and a separate full-size cabinet on the opposite side of the hood fan.

Canonbury Apartment Upstairs

Canonbury Apartment

When you enter the second floor, you can’t help but notice the amount of natural daylight that comes through the warehouse style windows.  The natural brick exposure continues on the second floor and has oak moldings and trim throughout.  There is a glass corner with posts for communicating efficiently with that downstairs.

Canonbury Rentals

The bedroom comes with a queen-size bed, a double sized white wooden wardrobe offering plenty of storage for this one bedroom Canonbury apartment.  Also in the room is a three drawer dresser and matching nightstand, and a built-in double size closet as well.  The hardwood flooring continues throughout the upstairs as well.

Canonbury ApartmentThe water closet is located directly off the bedroom.  It’s completed in white tile, has a decorative stainless steel modern sink and a new oval mirror. The white tile is accented with a silver luminescent tile border to match the futuristic style of the sink.  The stand-up shower with a rainfall showerhead is in a full tub, should you elect to use it.  The clear glass shower enclosure is decorated with a pattern of shaded circles in a contemporary design.

The Canonbury Apartment Neighborhood

Canonbury Apartment

This ultra-modern space is on the corner at 9 Henshall and Dove Road.  A 1 bedroom one bath Canonbury apartment like this will likely not be on the market too long.  At a rental price of just £1625 a month, it’s a great space and an urban vibe at an affordable price.  The building is stately looking in all red brick with black accents on the windows and roof.

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