Bromley Flat on Widmore Rd Overview

Bromley Flat

This lovely red brick building is home to only 16 lucky Bromley flat renters in this updated building.  With the arched of trim and the curved lighting, those windows let into this top floor apartment.  With a sizable balcony off the reception room, you have plenty of space for a table and chairs and plants.  All the residents in this Bromley rentals building are very contentious when it comes to keeping the property in top condition and pleasing to the eye.

Bromley Flat Interior:

Bromley Flat

You will have a look at the large reception room on this Bromley flat.  You will be facing the windows that look out and provide a view of the large trees.    When you’re living on the top floor, you needn’t worry about feeling confined on your balcony.  Instead, you will be amongst the tops of the trees, both those with leaves and those evergreen pines.

Bromley FlatIf you were to walk straight to the back of the reception room door, you would enter the full-size kitchen.  This kitchen is has a full-size oven with a hood exhaust fan for safety.  The cooktop surface is electric griddle surface which puts off an even heat.  The walls are a white backsplash, with a decorative trim patterned tile along the white Corian countertops.

Bromley FlatAlso, the large and numerous cabinets are solid wood, and there is even an open shelf corner unit to the left of the sink.  The Bromley flat kitchen’s sink is set beneath a large double window and over the washing machine.  All your appliances you will need are included in this well thought out space.

Bromley Flat Bedroom and Bath

Bromley Flat

The bright and cheery bedroom is of double size in this Bromley flat has built in storage for a wardrobe.  Along the side, far wall you have a triple window.  The center panel opens to allow in a breeze.  The bordering windows are the arched type that makes the building look so good from both the outside and inside.

Bromley FlatThere is a full bathroom in this Bromley flat.  The oversized tub has a glass enclosure that extends part way. In addition, the shower has a dual sprayer hand unit as well as the overhead fixture.  With the price of this Bromley Flat under  £1,000, it won’t be on the market for very long.

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