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Angel Rental Property Highlights

The desire for the fashionable address of an Angel rental property continues to be a hot item in the London real estate market.  Demand for Angel followed the same upwardly mobile growth pattern that the gentrification of Notting Hill apartments had undergone years before.  The trends that have taken the Angel rental property offerings in Islington to a new level of popularity has descended most recently to other surrounding areas.  Areas like Shoreditch; another neighborhood that is more than up and coming.  Yet its fairly established as a fashionable place for artists, trust-funder’s, and repatriation individuals who are relocating to London for employment reasons.  The Angel rental market is slightly higher priced than what you would find in Shoreditch, but not by that much.

Angel rental property.
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Angel Rental Property Prices

An Angel flat with two bedrooms can be had for approximately £2,500a month if you catch the market right.  This moves decidedly upwards to a three or four bedrooms Angel rental property for around £ 3,500 a month.

The trend for global mobility and localization of the workforce cause more U.K. employers to move talent into the city.  It helps to maintain a closer working relationship with upward professionals in the financial services markets of London.  Certainly, it was the repatriation trend that seemed to get the most traction in the United States, at 61% of companies moving towards localizing their talent pool.  This was followed closely by the U.K. at 29% increase in repatriation, followed by Singapore and Australia at 18% and 15% respectively.

Angel Rental Property Conclusion

Angel Rental Property Tube station

As more and more individuals are localized here in London, an Angel rental property makes perfect sense for its proximity to both west and central London. One can reach the City via the number of bus stop choices offered in Angel. It is including the underground that has an Angel station for Zone 1 at the corner of Pentonville Road and St. John St. – Islington High St.  Look for high demand amongst professionals to continue to escalate the Angel rental property market.

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