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Village Life at its Best- Flat for Rent in Blackheath

For those who are not familiar with the area, Blackheath has made ardent strides towards being one of the very best places in London to live to enjoy village life.  A flat for rent in Blackheath begins at approximately £1,295 to £2,200 for a two bedroom and goes up from there depending on the number of bedrooms needed.  Flats for rent in Blackheath will put you within walking distance to the entire village and its number of busy streets that have café’s, coffee shops, a marketplace, restaurants and pubs abound.  Truly, the restaurants and cafes in the area are known for serving the freshest of foods with natural ingredients.

Something Special in Blackheath

One of the sites not to be missed, and something that I’m sure people from neighboring towns drive to get to are the local butcher shop.  It’s a true neighborhood kind of place that has been passed down through the years from one generation to the next.  If you come in and order a particular kind of cut of meat, be prepared for when you return that your friendly butcher knows just what you want.  It’s that sort of friendly service and personal attention residents receive at most of the many shops and stores in Blackheath.  Though there is no tube station in Blackheath, central London is only 22 minutes away, and there is a train station in Blackheath.

Once you find your flat for rent in Blackheath be prepared to be contacted to join the active Blackheath Village Residents Group.  It’s not only a testament to the strong sense of community spirit enjoyed in this village it’s also a collection of folks who understand that a tight community means a safer and more pleasant place to live.  While some resident groups are formed in order to register complaints with their towns in mass, BVRG is dedicated to ensuring that they back positive village initiatives and get behind anything that will add to the sociable community they enjoy.  With over 500 members and a regularly published newsletter, looking into a flat for rent in Blackheath may be just the little village you’re looking for.

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