Millions of people pack up and move to London every year to work, study, or use the city as a base for exploring the UK and Europe. However, the capital of the United Kingdom is large and bustling and it can be difficult, at best, to locate London property to rent.

To help you with the task of locating rentable London property, here are some tips that will assist you with narrowing down your search.

Select an Area

This massive city contains 32 boroughs plus the downtown section and each borough has its own flavor with both pros and cons. You should take some time to research the boroughs and the areas contained within them to determine where you want to live.

If you already have work lined up, it is advisable to locate London property nearby. Although the city has an efficient transportation system, it can be quite costly and time consuming to travel long distances or through various boroughs. Also, some sections within certain boroughs have very small flats with little to no garden space, storage, etc while others have more spacious London property with gardens, spare bedrooms, storage space, etc.

Check Adverts

To begin your search for rentable London property, pick up papers or go online. The online option allows you to research what sort of flats or houses are available and get an idea of prices.

However, you should have some knowledge of the city or have a Londoner help you who is familiar with areas and prices. Unfortunately, there are many people in the city that are fraudulent or are unscrupulous.

Arrange a Viewing

Once you have made a shortlist of available London property choices in areas you want to live, contact the landlords and set up viewing dates. This step is advisable due to the fact that flats in the city can be much smaller than many anticipate as well as having little storage space and located in older homes and buildings. It is much better to view numerous apartments before making a decision.

If you like a certain flat, ask the landlord any questions you might have. Find out if there is a contract involved and the amount of time it covers, what references or documentation is required, what furnishing are included, what bills you are responsible for, etc. It is also good to ask about your neighbors and neighborhood to try and determine if there are annoyances you might want to avoid.

Prepare to Move In

When you’ve made your London property selection, try dickering down the price. Flats can be quite expensive in certain areas and some landlords will drop the price some in order to keep interested tenants.

Once the rental fee and expected payment date is agreed upon, provide the necessary documentation and allow the landlord to draw up or provide a Tenancy Agreement. Ensure that you look the contract over very thoroughly and receive a copy. Receive your keys and move in!

If you don’t have the time to look for London property or find the task too daunting, contact London Relocation Services. Our team of friendly, professional and knowledgeable consultants can not only help you find a new home here, but also assist you with moving, obtaining correct documentation, orientation, and more.

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