Author: Colleen

To conclude our brief series on What to Expect in a London Flat, as you wander through your flat, you may notice little switches on each of your outlets.  These regulate the electrical current of that outlet, as even if you have nothing plugged in or something that is not in use, electricity is still flowing to a degree.  The safest and most energy efficient approach is to turn off this outlet whenever not needed.  Usually, the switch shows a band of red when it is clicked to ‘off’ position as an easy indicator.

At the risk of just rehashing the content of one of my previous posts, I would be remiss not to address the electrical issue as an important feature of moving into your first London flat.  For more comprehensive coverage on this topic, therefore, please now reference my earlier posting, ‘Warning:  High Voltage‘ (found at  What this brief article will review for you is the basic difference between adaptors, converters, and transformers and general advice on how to approach appliances–i.e., what you could bring from home versus purchase all over again in the UK.

The more aware you are on the subject, the less anything will come as a ‘shock’ to you…

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