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Welcome to Vertical London.
Welcome to Vertical London.

Welcome back, folks, for the next post in my series on What To Expect When You’re Expecting…What You Had Back Home.  Yesterday, we addressed Size.  Today, we focus on another ‘S’ word.

Many visitors I’ve hosted have commented that they lost weight after coming to London.  The primary culprits?  Walking and STAIRS.  Ooohh, the stairs, people.  Whether at the Tube station, parks, museums, EVEN THE BUSES (double-decker, remember), you can’t even escape them when you come home.  Especially when you come home.  Once you turn the key and heave the heavy door open to your lovely building, you will most likely be staring down (get it?  Stare?  Stairs?  Ha!  Okay, you got it but chose not to laugh.  Fine.  I won’t pun again) a few flights of steps.  “That’s fine, I’ll just take the elevator,” you might say.  First of all, the term is “lift,” not “elevator.”  Second, um, er, well, yeah, no.  Not likely to be a lift in that building (and the movers hauling all of your stuff will just love that fact).

Initially, the daily ascent and descent may leave you gasping.  The landing before the last flight of steps to my 2nd floor flat (3rd floor by U.S. standards) was officially named after my mother last spring, as it was the point in the climb where she needed to pause to catch her breath each time.  Think of it this way–the money you save by not having to join a gym thanks to all the unsought-but-necessary exercise you get commuting daily can help offset that high rent.  At any rate, you and your bum WILL strengthen as a result and, in no time, think nothing of the stairs anymore.  If anything, it will just make you lament how out of shape you’ll be if you return home and regress to your driving-everywhere/couch-potato ways…

Stay tuned for the next exciting installment from London Relocation Ltd.

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