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What Documents do I bring For My Flat?

What Documents do I bring For My Flat?

Renting a flat in London is not the easiest thing to do. Money’s simply not enough unless you pay 3 to 6 months up front.
There are many key factors that attribute to obtaining a good flat.
One, bring the right references.
Two, go through a reputable estate agency or real estate company.
Three, Pick the right Relocation Agent or Broker like London Relocation Service.

Most important, make sure you never ever secure a property from your home country. Too many of my clients have been scammed prior to coming to London.

Wiring money to someone you’ve never met is never a good idea.

Through London Relocation Services, you can land on a Sunday, search 20 flats on the Monday and move in on Tuesday.

You’re Needs assessment work will be done on phone while in the home country.
You see the flats, you get educated, you feel comfortable, you move in

That simple!

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