This must be staged!!
This must be staged!!

Wow, the things I could tell you…
I show an average of over 20 properties a client… Estate agencies and agents I deal with these evil creatures all day.

I have been lied to a million times and I can smell the bullshit from miles away.

I sill have problems getting to the truth about a property. So over the years I have had to befriend many in order to get what I need for my clients.

At first, I was on a war path exterminating them for showing me horrible stock, lying, and not listening to what my clients need.

More importantly, the lack of urgency on getting deals done so my people can move in quickly.

The important thing about London Relocation is the fact that I know the enemy well.

I see and speak to them everyday.

I can deactivate the crap; I get the truth about a bottom line in price, service and reliability of a Landlord…

This in it self makes my service nothing less then spectacular

Managing expectations and telling the truth is way more interesting

Give it a try, you won’t be let down

Talk Tomorrow

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