The simplest way to explain this is that a “short let” is anything that’s less than a 6th month term.

This comes with a whopping 50% percent more $$$££££££ a week, simply because the landlord does not want to deal with multiple tents in a year.


Here in London, UK, an (AST) Assured Standard Short hold Tenancy agreement has a 6 month break clause built in.

This means if you sign an AST, on the fourth month you can give 60 days notice to be out of the agreement on the 6th month. (This is a regular Long Let Lease)

Also, this is a rolling break clause. So if you want to be out on the 7th month you give notice at month 5, if you want to be out on the 10 month you give notice on the 8th… and so on.

This is classified as a Long Let… so if you are in fact only looking to stay 6 months you can sign a long let lease with a break clause at no extra charge.

Sadly, if you are staying under the 6 months you have to pay a premium for this……….

And unless you have a friend or family here in London with a home or a flat… that’s just the way it is.

Speak soon!!!

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