As a relocation company that services people moving here from all over the world, we often gear our blog posts toward those making an international relocation to the UK. The fact is, though, that we help anyone looking for their ideal apartment to rent, whether you’re first moving here or already live in London.

One of the obvious benefits of employing a relocation agent in the case of an international relocation is to compensate for unfamiliarity with the lay of the land—if you’ve never lived in the city and haven’t toured it extensively before, how do you know where to start learning which neighborhood suits you best and how the property market works differently, right?

Therein lies the rub with locals and expats already living in London. They do know the neighborhoods better and have at least a basic understanding of the market from their previous flat-finding experience. It’s precisely this that leads locals to believe they can tackle flat-finding all on their own, and surely they can (they have the added advantage of already having a home-base to live in while they look), but even they can benefit from using relocation services if time is of the essence.

What prompts this thought for me right now is a friend of mine who has lived here a couple years already with her husband and is looking for a new apartment to move into this fall. She’s very savvy with the city and doesn’t work full-time, so has the flexibility to look around that her husband doesn’t. She’d viewed at least a couple over the weekend, and I’d met up with her Tuesday to view three flats, and then she’d seen four others that same day. Today she saw another, and tomorrow she’ll see six more. Add that all together, and London Relocation still has shown more flats than that to one client in one day. When my friend’s husband has to leave work early multiple days a week as well to view her daytime shortlist in the evening, it’s an inconvenience. So even this couple, with one person available during the weekdays, could benefit from a one-day service—how does a single person who works full-time accomplish it alone? Searches are left to the weekends and evenings unless taking a day off work, and even evening viewings can mean having to leave work early. And what’s available one day isn’t necessarily the next (especially in the summer!!). It’s a pain. And of the apartments my friend is viewing, only a handful have actually been for a move-in date that coincides with their existing lease. Others are for an earlier date that would require unlikely negotiation with the landlord to break the lease early by a month or two without having to still pay that rent in full or bear the burden of finding a new tenant themselves.

I’m just sayin’. London Relocation agents exhaust the available properties in a given area to find precisely those that are within your budget and moving time-frame. They’ll show them to you in one day and negotiate the lease that same evening. Bodda-boom, bodda-bing. So even if you’re just making the relocation in London and not going very far within territory that’s familiar to you, a London relocation agency is still a worthwhile option to consider.

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