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I’m in a list-y sort of mood today. Now, I’d mentioned the other day how my visit home in the States right now brings back all sorts of memories of the logistical relocation matters my husband and I had to sort out before officially moving to London from the US and renting our apartment. So I figure this might be a good time to share a smattering of resources we continually blog about here and suggest to clients at our office, a directory of sorts for some key aspects of moving internationally and, specifically, to London:

UK policies, public services, consumer affairs, etc.
UK Home Office

UK visas
UK Border Agency

UK taxes
HM Revenue & Customs

Foreign embassies in London
Directory of Consulates & Embassies

National Health Service (NHS)

School search
Good Schools Guide

Pet relocation
Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA)

UK mobile phones
Carphone Warehouse

Insurance comparison (not to be confused with :))

London public transportation
Transport for London

Driving in London
Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency
Vehicle Tax and other owner advice on
AutoShippers & CarShipUK

Self-help for expats
Expat Expert
Impetus Coaching

Guidance on other logistical issues
Packing & other move advice
UK voltage differences
UK utilities (TV, phone, internet)
UK banking codes
Negotiating an expat package
Grocery shopping (and click here for discounts!)
Learning British English 🙂

You can find elaborations on many of these resources right here in our blog archives if you search for the keyword(s) of interest, some of which are already linked above under the last section above. The key to knowing how to initiate and execute your move begins with knowing where to look, so I hope you find the above useful in addition to your one-stop resource on all-things-local (from renting  apartments to getting acclimated to your new city and culture) – give us a call or ask us your questions via our online web form today!

Sharing is Caring!