Author: Anthony

Everyone needs a nice bathroom. Here at London Relocation Services, we pride ourselves in having high expectations for the quality of bathroom located in the flats that we show.

Finding a nice flat is hard enough… The amount of bathrooms I’ve seen with carpets on the floor is revolting. I know this was cool in the 70’s, but what about Cleanliness?

There’s nothing like a nicely built, clean bathroom. Who says aesthetics are not important, not to mention hygiene?

Tiles from floor to ceiling does the trick every time. You can have an amazing flat with a horribly designed bathroom and it will never let. This is because the bathroom is very personal space. It must be well designed and well finished.

When looking for a flat, the most important things are the spec, size and finish of the bathroom. If the bathroom is bad, London Relocation does not show the flat.

It’s that simple.

So for all you Landlords, at least go to the Bath Store… it’s cheap and gives a good impression of Quality.

Speak soon!!!

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