Graduating from university is an exciting time in your life because not only are you prepared for your dream career but you are ready to take the next step in life, so if you are moving to England from Canada, you should start organizing things for what is about to come. There are many things to take into account when you relocate, most of all, the price of living. Canada and London are two contrasting places and because of this, the cost of bills and living expenses will differ greatly. By understanding what you need to think about before moving to England from Canada, you will not be out of pocket.

London Bills

There are many bills to bear in mind when you are moving to London England from Canada. Broadband, TV, mobile phones and landline phones are just some of the things you must set money aside for. When you relocate, it is worth speaking with a relocation agent who can find the lowest-priced phone package to suit your needs. This could save you hundreds per month. As well as these bills, you must cover utility costs such as energy bills and basic living bills. If you plan for these payments, you can afford them every single month while still putting money away for personal expenses. It may be a good idea to move into an apartment with a friend or family member. This way, you can split the cost of everything when moving to England from Canada.

Transport Costs

Transport will almost certainly be a necessity when moving to England from Canada. London is a busy city and you will need to get from place to place not only to meet friends and family but to attend study courses, work, shopping centers, etc. It will depend on where you live, but generally you should invest in an annual travel card to save money. These cards cost around £1208 for the whole year. Although this seems like a lot of money, it will shave off big amounts, rather than purchasing tickets for bus trips, the tube and taxis separately. Alternatively, think about spending £116 a month when moving to England from Canada for a travel card.

Rental Fees

The final thing to focus on when moving to England from Canada is your rental fees. Rather than arriving and finding the cheapest form of accommodation, you should set yourself a budget. Figure out your monthly outgoings and what your earnings will be. With the money you have left over, determine how much you can invest in a property. If you have £500 extra a month, speak with a relocation agent who can find somewhere for you for this price when moving to England from Canada.

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