Welcome!  The site is for experienced advice and help in searching for  homes and flats. We are an American/Canadian agency specifically acting for the renter and focused on finding property. Being totally client focused, we have provided a five star service to many happy clients. London Relocation Services, Property Finders was established by Anthony Gallo in 2005 to cater for the needs of renters looking to find a property.

About 90% of our searches are for flats in the central area. Having dealt with over 2,700 transactions we have vast experience of dealing with leasehold properties.

The system of renting a flat in London is easy when you are educated by us. When you rent a flat that is a leasehold, you are in fact renting a sublet and the right to use the property for the amount of time on the lease. You’re not actually renting the building, just the apartment as specified in the lease.

The remainder of our searches are for houses. Generally, when you rent a house, you will be renting a short hold tenancy agreement.

Most people who use our services do so because they:

• Save time.  It can take up one day to properly research and view properties, and that is after you have decided on the ideal area like Kensington, Chelsea or Notting Hill.  We can save you this time.

• During registration, London Relocation Services will assess in detail the type of property and all relevant requirements to give us the knowledge through a Needs Assessment.

* London Relocation services wants to get the best price. We have been involved with property here for over 5 years. This gives us a fantastic insight into all aspects of negotiation. As a professional negotiator working solely for you, you are giving yourself the best chance of negotiating the best price and terms possible. We have found and successfully negotiated on many different types of property.

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