Author: Colleen

As we approach our own moving date  as we switch to a more spacious office to accommodate our business expansion, London Relocation Ltd. is evolving in other ways as well… Stay tuned for our NEW WEBSITE that we plan to launch in the coming weeks to give our image a fresh new facelift and provide you with more reader-friendly content and easier navigation through its pages. On this new website, you will also find our NEW SERVICE PACKAGES that will offer you a greater range of services, including pickup from the airport and short-term accommodations upon arrival.  These packaged offerings will be priced at different tiers, allowing you more choice in what you expect from our services and what works best for your budget. Regarding our expansion in staff, our aim is to better provide you with timely responses in fielding your initial enquiry, conducting your needs assessment, and scheduling your viewing appointment.  We will be able to accommodate greater volume in clients while simultaneously enhancing the time and quality of our focus on you and your needs alone. We think we’re already doing great (and our clients do, too, if you read our Testimonials…there are more in our blog under the Testimonials category), but we’re always aiming to be better.  Our business is finding people homes, something of utmost importance as a fundamental human need, and that is just something we can never be too good at!

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