Well, today is already shaping up into an interesting (if not a bit nerve-racking) day…we’re trying to act normal and go about our day-to-day business with a camera on us.  No, we’re not on the latest episode of Big Brother, and Yvette Fielding isn’t here trying to stir up paranormal activity in our old mews office—we’re filming a promo video for our business!!  We want to give our prospective clients a sneak-peek at the people behind the scenes—behind the web forms, emails, and phone calls—so that when you do arrive in London to attend your property viewings, you’ll know exactly who you’re working with.

We like to think of ourselves as a small business with a heart—we’re all expats here in London from the United States and Australia, so we’re each personally invested in what we do, mentally and emotionally.  We know how many varied stressors a relocation can entail no matter what the circumstances are that bring you to the UK—whether you’re a student, transferring employee, or professional beginning a new job and a new life overseas, and whether you’re moving over as an individual or a family.  London Relocation Ltd. has experienced it all, and we want you to benefit from this collective experience so that you don’t have to waste your time, money, or peace of mind unnecessarily.  We hope that our new video montage will provide you this reassurance in our services in advance of your travels.  Cheers!

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