I am the first to admit that a majority of my blog posts are related to lifestyle once you’ve relocated and work to get setted in.  I do this in part because London Relocation Ltd.‘s actual services follow a streamlined model that is explained throughout the rest of our website, so I rationalize that the blog is where we can fill in the gaps on preparing for an actual life.  I just received feedback the other day that, while their company did have its own in-house relocation service that they couldn’t resist utilizing for free (even though they were ultimately disappointed with the results and wished retroactively they’d gone through us), they nonetheless have continued to follow us here, for the last several months.  This, but of course, made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, that we’re able to help folks on more levels than just finding a place…because that’s the idea.  That’s why I will also tweet news, food, events, and general local happenin’s on our Twitter profile for your reference pre- and post-move.

All that aside, this morning I did post a couple property-related tweets, including a recent article posted at ludlowthompson.com.  Apparently, demand in the UK rental market has increased 14% over last year, with actual property viewings increasing 137% from February 2009 to February 2010.  Yowzah!  We are certainly seeing a trend in UK real estate where residents are letting versus purchasing property (as the slowdown in mortgage approvals at the start of this year attests), and what this means for you as a relocating individual or family seeking to find a flat is that the competition will be stiff this spring and summer.

Sure, there is an overwhelming number of flats available out there, which in itself is reason why you would want to consider utilizing the services of a relocation specialist.  But the flat-finding experience becomes that much more stressful when London flats fly off the shelves as quickly as they do.  With familiarity of our town, and a little education on how real estate works here, one can feasibly tackle the terrain on one’s own, but doing so independently will require far more time–from my own experience, it took nearly 2 weeks to see 23 London properties.  By the time you’ve gotten to see even a few to compare/contrast, the ones you eventually choose could be gone by the next day, if not that same day.   I know, it totally sounds like a scare-tactic, and I was suspicious of this when lettings agents fed me the same line, but working in the industry here, I now see that it is sadly all too true.

So I’m not going to be salesy and schmoozy here.  I’m just going to state the fact that, in light of the above reality of the London property market, London Relocation Ltd. will show you 18-25 properties in 1 day.  Most of our clients find their flat in that 1 day and are able to move in as fast as 1-3 days of the appointment if necessary.  There’s the spiel.  Good luck with your relocation research, and may you make the decision that is best for you!

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