One of the most common concerns Americans have when searching London flats is in regard to how to create a budget for the first month or two.  There are many expenses that will pop up during that time period that will not be part of the ongoing budget so special care must be given to planning for them.  Below are some of the main costs associated with an international relocation to London.

London Flats and Budgeting – Temporary Accommodations

Upon first arriving you may not already have a home waiting for you.  If that is the case you will probably be staying a few nights to a few weeks in a hotel or inn.  Plan for that ahead of time and determine how much you can afford to pay before picking a place to stay. If you are working with a London relocation agency you should be given an amount of time you will need temporary housing before you can move into your new flat.

London Flats and Budgeting – Flat Deposits

Just like in the States London flats require a security deposit, usually one month’s rent.  With prices rather high you need to be prepared to fork over the first month’s rent plus a month’s rent for security deposit.

London Flats and Budgeting – Household Items

Most people moving from America leave their furniture at home; ditto for their household items.  That makes a large outlay of cash necessary once the flat lease has been signed.  Of course, you don’t have to run to IKEA to buy all your goods.  Instead, you can check out second-hand stores and used items in the classifieds.

London Flats and Budgeting – Food

The first few weeks after moving are perhaps the craziest.  Between getting used to the time zone change and starting a new job and getting your home in order food drops down on the priority list.  Although it is tempting to go out for every meal you should resist as this can become a serious drain on resources during a time when money will be at its tightest.  Make it a point to plan meals, go shopping at the local grocery and farmers’ market and begin your life here cooking your meals instead of relying on the neighborhood pub.

Planning a budget while still in the States is difficult without truly understanding the differences in culture between England and most of America, but it can be done.  The search for flats can be a difficult and expensive experience but by keeping a careful eye on the pocketbook and not letting stress dictate purchasing decisions you can keep your first few weeks in the UK in the black rather push your accounts in the red.

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By London Relocation | 14 Aug 2020 | ABOUT THE RELOCATION PROCESS