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Flats are curiously designed; this is because the old Victorian and Edwardian homes have been cut up into flats. It really didn’t matter years ago if one owned a huge Victorian brownstone, then decided to cut it up in the way he or she wanted.

All of these point to the problem of ridiculously designed flats with basically no outside space. If, in fact, you’re a pet owner and want outside space, this is Big League stuff, and you need a professional flat-finder like us.

This is what I, London Relocation Services, specialize in… I find everyone a flat… For people that have pets or absolutely have to have that bit of sun or even the thought of it.

So, if you have pets and want that perfect flat in that perfect area like any of the ones listed below…




St Johns wood



Notting hill

South Kensington

Old Street

Canary wharf

…call me, I’m your guy!


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