When you actually begin the physical hunting for London flats there are certain rules you should abide by to guarantee your safety and the best possible decision be made in regards to your future home.  Below are some tips that will help both the novice flat hunter as well as the experienced renter navigate the London flat letting scene.

  • Don’t go alone – Not only is it not safe for anyone to be wandering the streets of London in search of a new flat it isn’t practical.  Getting another’s point of view (especially if they have nothing to gain or lose by your decision) is priceless.
  • If sharing, go together – Anyone who plans on sharing a flat needs to make sure that all flat mates are together, viewing flats together, and make a decision together.  Isn’t someone can’t commit to viewing a flat with you they probably will have commitment issues with moving in as well.
  • Bring a camera – Make sure you take a picture with a camera or phone of every flat you see.  For those moving to London from America the day of flat hunting may be a whirlwind event and you may see upwards of thirty flats.  Remembering them all is impossible.  Pictures will help you stay organized.
  • Take notes – Ditto for notes as for pictures.  You might be tempted to try and remember all the important information in your head or jot down a few facts on a flyer but the best way to organize flat information is in a notebook.  You can create a format for keeping information pertaining to each flat viewed. Instead of a few scrawled notes on scraps of paper all the information will be together and clearly organized.
  • Carefully inspect properties – You should inspect every property viewed for safety as well as functionality.  Door and window locks should be checked to make sure they work properly.  All faucets need to be turned ran.  You need a written guarantee of which appliances are provided as well as their condition.  Communal areas need specification as to who is responsible for their upkeep.
  • Get a receipt – When you find a property you like you will most likely be asked to leave a deposit.  Do not give money without receiving a receipt in return! Any landlord who will not give you a receipt is not to be trusted.

Finding an apartment for rent in London can be a stressful experience but with careful planning before ever hitting the pavements you can minimize the anxiety and actually have a productive experience.  Hunting for London flats is fast-paced but with some strategies utilized you can come out of the ordeal the winner of an amazing new flat.

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