Never fear—we here at London Relocation Ltd. will help even the most demanding of clients 🙂

We understand that our clients are quality people with quality expectations (but of course, that’s why they choose to work with our quality company!), so we set the bar high for the properties we will show.  In our collaborations with area lettings agents, we emphasize that flats must be located in safe neighborhoods, close to public transportation and necessities (grocery stores, etc.), and be of a high standard from both practical and aesthetic standpoints.

Granted, a part of our job is also managing those high expectations.  As I’ve touched on often in this blog (including my brief series on “What to Expect in a London Flat“), London is not going to be the exact replica of where one is relocating from, nor should it be.  Money does not go as far, and spaces do not stretch as vast; lifestyles must be adapted on varying levels, no question.  That being said, with our own experience as expats of what lifestyle and housing can be like elsewhere, we do our best to match client preferences to the closest London has to offer for a given area and budget, and we’ll persist until the client is satisfied.

Newly refurbished kitchen and bath?  All wooden floors?  Done—that’s what we like too!  And sure, as in the photo, demands such as accommodation of pets can throw a curve ball into the mix, simply because not all buildings or landlords allow them.  Yet in a case like this, though moving without a pet will certainly open more doors (literally) to you, it is not to say that pet owners will not still find a living space ideal for both man and beast.  This is where having a relocation specialist on your side makes all the difference—increasing your odds by increasing your options.

Relocating to London means embracing a new life abroad with a diversity of cultural experiences, yet it doesn’t have to mean entirely checking who you already are at the door.

You might want to reconsider that hat, though 😉

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